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The ‘D’ is silent: thoughts on Django Unchained


Short version: brutal, stylish, but meandering, Tarantino applies western tropes to slavery with bloody results.


It’s difficult to comprehend, as a white Australian in 2013, the sheer scale and brutality that slavery achieved in America. The concept of owning and controlling an entire population birth to death seems like an alien concept. The fact that this was a reality in the US as recently as 150 years ago makes it even more shocking. Django Unchained shows slavery at its most violent height, and then plays out a revenge fantasy against slavers, slave owners and willing accomplices with six-shooters on top.

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A Lad in London: Thoughts on Dodger

DodgerDodger by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new Terry Pratchett book is always a treat, but it’s interesting to see him stretch his creative wings a bit.

Dodger is a tosher, a sewer scavenger living on his ample charm and sharp wits in Victorian London. One night, while on his usual scavenging run in the sewers, Dodger comes to the aid of a young lady being assaulted on the street. Continue reading