Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Review: Ocean’s 8

Wrote this one up for just before I left, it’s a fantastic game that I recommend highly. When I get back I’ll be keen to play more of the multiplayer!


Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Review: Ocean’s 8.


The Great Unfinished Work: Why Crusader Kings II has me suckered in

Hail Queen Astrid!
All those green bits are part of the Kingdom of Sweden. I think I’ve deviated from history a tad. Also, I’m currently at war with the red bits.

I’ve been obsessed with games in the past to varying degrees. When I was a kid, I was into Gameboy games like Pokemon or Tetris, and in high school I played an awful lot of GTA and Final Fantasy. Lumines 2 got me through my honours year, and since then I’ve had a few games that have entered the 80+hours club, which is probably a fairly good indicator of a fixation.

It’s a fairly diverse list, for sure, but they all have the element of “I’ll just play a little more”- I’ll just play one more round, or I’ll just beat this boss, or I’ll just cruise around the city one more time…

One recent entry to this club is Crusader Kings II, and it’s an entry I would never have anticipated being there. I bought it in a Steam sale as I’d heard there was a cool Game of Thrones mod for it, but I’ve not even installed it as I’ve been having so much fun with the base game. Continue reading


Me over at the brand spanking new!


I was a Pokemon kid, through and through. Pokemon Blue was one of the first Gameboy games I ever owned (Blastoise FTW), I had the trading cards, the trading card game, Pokemon Pinball and a bunch of other stuff.

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Why Handsome Jack is a great villian

Borderlands 2 spoilers, you’ve been warned

Also, I call fictional characters nasty words.

Like half the gaming world, I’ve been playing Borderlands pretty solidly since I got it two weeks ago. I’m pretty much up to the final boss, and will have probably finished the game when this post is less than an hour old. Along the journey, however, something has struck me.

I really want Handsome Jack dead.

A lot of games set you against a villain, and you fight them because… they’re the villain, it’s what you do. If you were to ask me bout why I wanted to defeat the villains of the last 5 games I player, I’d tell you it was… to finish the game, primarily. Jack’s different.

I want to kill Handsome Jack because he has gone out of his way to make the whole bloody affair personal, both to the characters in the game and to me the player. It’s a combination of the fact that he’s such an unrepentant douchebag and has taken actions that are an affront to the player, especially those who’ve been playing since he first Borderlands.

Jack kills bloodwing, who anyone who played the first one will have a pretty strong attachment to. Killing bloodwing is a direct challenge to the player saying all of your skills and tricks are for nothing, and what sustained you through borderlands 1 will be cast aside. It’s the borderlands equivalent of killing a puppy right in front of you and taunting you with your impotence- you’re powerless to stop him.

It’s a testament to the great writing and the voice acting that carries the moment, and it solidifies your hatred.

Enough writing. I’m off to kill an utter fuckstick.